General Files: Slides (Photographs): Slides of Objects from 29th Ceramic National Exhibition and Correspondence about Slides, n.d., 2002

This folder contains plastic sleeves of slides. Slides are of objects from the 29th Ceramic National Exhibition. The slides are from unknown dates. Also included: a letter from The Newark Museum to the Everson Museum of Art about the slides. The letter is dated December 18, 2002. Slide Cabinets, Drawers, and Boxes in the General Files are not processed.
Series Name General Files
Series Number 33
Subseries Name slides (photographs)
Subseries Number 33.02.01
The General Files are arranged into four subseries: Exhibition Records, Photographic Materials, Scrapbooks, and Video recordings. The original arrangement of the box, folder, drawer, etc. has been maintained in most cases. Exceptions include actions to confirm what subseries [Exhibition Records, Photographic Materials, Scrapbooks, or Video recordings] each object belongs to. In most cases, duplicate items were NOT scanned.