27th Ceramic International Exhibition [1972]: Exhibition Records: Correspondence, Shipping Instructions, and other material, Part II, 1971-1972; (contains publicity)

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This folder contains correspondence with artists, jurors, and others; newspaper clippings; correspondence about requests for exhibition information; exhibition pamphlet for “Enamels 70”; press releases; copy of check for donation; recommendations from past artists; instructions for exhibition; lists of artists; blank exhibition registration form; receipts; shipping catalog of services and prices; an exhibition prospectus; magazine articles; blank object identification forms. This folder is Part II of II.
Series Name 27th Ceramic International Exhibition [1972]
Series Number 28
Subseries Name Exhibition Records
Subseries Number 28.01
The original arrangement of the folder has been maintained in most cases. Exceptions include actions to confirm what Ceramic National Exhibition [series] each object belongs to. In most cases, duplicate items were NOT scanned.